Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dena Bahrin

AsSalamualaikum semua :) Today I feel calmer than before. You know why? This morning, I searched for one blog owns by one awesome woman, Diyanah Kamarul Bahrin or usually was called Dena Bahrin after my girlfriend, Syafiqah Saril (Ika) told me about her last week. I excited to look for it. When I found it, it made me felt "waaahh" . hehe. Im sure, there are many people out there know about Dena Bahrin and also adore her very much.

Actually, since I was fifteen, I really wanted to wear a hijab that the muslimah should wear. What I mean is a labuh hijab but until now, I can't do for it. I don't know why. Maybe, I'm afraid to see the transformation of myself and also I don't want to see the shock reaction of the people around me.. or the best words is Im not confident . So that, after I 'found' her, she reminded me for my intention. Dena Bahrin's picture 'told' me to proceed the intention and my heart said, maybe next year, sister. InsyaAllah. Guys please pray for me ;D

This is her, Dena Bahrin.
She is very sweet and nice rite? :)
Dena Bahrin is only 20 but she was already married last year. Such a surprise for me but that was the fact . She is really cute and good on covering her aurat with wearing the tudung bawal which is be her favourite hijab. 

Jyeah, look at her dress up. Is it nice ? :) She covers her aurat beautifully from her head until her feet but who expect that she is a wife of Soffian, a man whom she really hate before because she didnt know him well.  The marriage was arranged by her family. At the first time she rejected him but he didn't give up until she agreed and this is how he purposed Dena Bahrin.

Hehe. How sweet rite? I wonder how is my future husband will act to purpose me one day. HAHA. Forget about it. Dena Bahrin was really lucky to have unexpected life like this. Refering to one hadith;

“Wanita-wanita yang keji adalah untuk lelaki yang keji, dan lelaki yang keji adalah buat wanita-wanita yang keji (pula),dan wanita-wanita yang baik adalah untuk lelaki yang baik dan lelaki yang baik adalah untuk wanita-wanita yang baik (pula)”.

(An Nuur : 26)

And now she got like Allah said; a nice and good husband like she did :)

Happy for you, sister :) Thank you for being 'yourself' . May Allah bless you and your husband.



If you want to know more about this wonderful woman, lets visit this website, :)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Counting the day


37 days left..

So pray for me guys :)

Those are subjects that I take;

Bahasa Melayu
Bahasa Inggeris
Pendidikan Agama Islam
Modern Mathematics
Additional Mathematics
Civil Engineering Studies
Engineering Drawing

For my trial, I got 1A 3A- 2B 2C and 2D
So I really hope that I will get much better than these in my SPM :)
Awak boleh Farah ! :D