Friday, April 29, 2011

It was done , I accept it

 After all , you told me about the result. It was too hurting me actually and i know lagi perit bg umaq but please jgn buat pkara diluar jgkaan. I love you and I know how was you if in a big trouble like this. So please promise me. Bout kawan kawan , farah akan settlekan. Umq jgn risau. Buat mcm biasa ja. Jgn sakitkan diri sendiri dgn semua ni. Farah akan cuba kayhh. Please chill sygg (;
One more , please remember the 'syarat' . Jgn pikirkan sgt psl masalah kita. Farah ta nak study umaq tganggu.
 Next week mgkin sminggu kita ta meet kan? Hope umaq leh tenangkn fikiran dgn ta tgk farah. Semua psl umaq , farah akan try buang. Insya-Allah , i will . And btway , please forgive me with all my wrongdoings and
 my promise is I will never hate you until forever dear. Take care 

Sincerly , 
farah khalidah

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