Monday, January 2, 2012

New Determination, New Hopes

Datangnya tahun baru mestilah dititipkan bersama azam yang baru kan? Azam saya tahun ni ialahhh ;

  • Wanna be a better servant of Allah than before
  • Wanna be a great daughter that always listen to their advices and care to them
  • Don't want to do something wasted or useless
  • Wanna be a better and low profile person
  • Wanna take care of my manners to everyone
  • I want to be loyal to him (:

    and last
  • I WANT TO DO MY BEST FOR MY NEW VICTIM , oh Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia!
    #Farah harap sangat sangat dapat happykan ibu && abah wat kali ni. I really hope for that (:

    Insya-Allah I'll get what I want. Amin. Wish me luck guys

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