Saturday, May 26, 2012

Yours is mine?

On 30April2012, my friends and I went to PWTC. There was held a book fair. Seriously, it was so interesting because that was my first time visited the grand book fair :) So , as a gift, I bought a novel for my beloved friend. I bought a novel for him as that is his favourite reading materials. So, I bought Musuhku Suamiku. That is the latest novel written by Zuera Rasiddin. He said, she was the best among the best writer. With a discount I had from the book, I bought it for him :)
He was already read the novel last two weeks ago but now is my turn to finish it and I already done it just now.
As a conclusion of the story, the story was quite okay and romantic :) You should buy one guys ! :D

but there is no compulsion :) hehe kbyee!

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