Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kedah Darul Aman , gonna be my heaven soon

On 5 August 21:01 , my family and i went to one of the restaurant at setia alam to have a dinner. then after a while, abah made some 'pengisytiharan' that this family would moving to kedah. this is because abah just got a new rank on his job (': yeah after that, i couldn't stop crying and crying. ahha.

yeahh, absolutely im depressed. bt what can i do rite? this is His will. huh so Kedahh, see you around November kayhh. i hope i will okay and be a nice 'orang kedah jawa and pahangg' HAHA

for more, maybe i'll stay at Guar Chempedak and schooling at SMK Guar Chempedak as a form 4 new student (:

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