Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday 8.30 PM

Dear readers ,

Here i want to tell you that i will moving on to Kedah . This is not joke guys. I just tell you the truth. OHMYY I really cant believe it. totally.
Im sorry for everything done. I know, since im here, in Meru, I've done many stupid things. Im sorry

To my besties Mahirah , Mimi , Adie , Tuty , Syira , Niena please take a good care of yourself kayh. Please swear to me. Now you know rite, I will be far far away from you guys and its too difficult to meet you soon bt deep in my heart, you all still there. I will never forget all about our memories because I totally love youu , very very much.

To Muhammad Iman Sazari , sorry what I've done too. You are the person that I really hurt most in this year since we met before , rite? For sure , I always remember you. No matter what even now , we are dont hve any relationship . I still love you dear. Bout your gift , yeah. I promise. I'll take care of them all nicely -pooh && lovely button

To all boyfriends , Abdullah Tarmidzi , Amir Sholihin , Najmi , Zulhilmi , Ikmal , Faiz , Nazril , Faris Sharudin , Lukman Hakim , Izzat Miftah , Izaad Khalid , Sideq , Haqim , Thank you very much because you always make me smile , laugh , going insane when contacting youu guys especially you Ndann. I dont know why. Maybe you've been kena upah for make me always be insane like youu. hehe. Even sometimes I am too sombong with you all , maaf kayhh. Farah tetap sayang korang sangat sangat sangatt. No words can describe it and it will be always and always

For you girlfriends , Natasha Aida , Syarifah Farzana , Husna , Ainaa Alyaa , Faihaa Aqilah , Farah Izzati , Ika Atira . You guys are my tip topp lah (: Since you come to my life , my life totally complete. The things that I'll bring to Kedah soon is our memories. Walaupun kita ta pernah jumpe kan Faihaa kan? but I still love you lah syg. Btwayy hey all my babies , I promise , Your faces , Your smiles, Your names and Your beautifulity will always in my mind. Thanks for being my friends okay dear

Next , my special speeches is to anakku pula , Afif Shahzuan . My beloved son , at the end I got the trully result dear that I'll movingg to Kedah. Hope you will contacting me and will remember me forever kayhh. Besides, thanks for being my good child. haha. Im so sorry for all my fault even that tersurat or tersirat.
Mak sayang abang sangat sangat tauk ! ;) dont be naughty naughty yeah.

And for those who not I listed above , I wish youu good luck in your life. Sorry for wht I've done to all of youu. Im sorry. Please forgive me okay dear :)
 I love youu , 3 Amanah 

Thats all from me ,
Farah Khalidah binti Fazli

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